Jimmy Connors, Bud Collins give U.S. Open quotes

Sun, Sep 11

In celebration of the greatest of all U.S. tennis tournaments, here are five great quotes about the U.S. Open from my book, "Tennis Shorts, 1001 Greatest Quotes About Tennis."

1. "Winning at Wimbledon was wonderful and it meant a lot to me. But there is nothing like winning the championship of your own country."

-- Don Budge, on the U.S. Open

2. "I like any title with the letters U.S. in front of it. To me, the U.S. Open is the most important tournament in the world."

-- Jimmy Connors

3. "The U.S. Open is the only place in America where you can't trade in your Mercedes-Benz for a hamburger."

-- Bud Collins

4. "This is the most difficult to win. You have the crowd here, you have the heat here, you have the noise here."

-- Boris Becker, on the U.S. Open

5. "It is like a hungry man who never eats. Then he has a piece of bread. Then a sandwich. Then a steak. Then he wants to go to the palace."

-- Guilliermo Vilas, on winning the 1977 U.S. Open

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