Canadian rockers Art of Dying love to play hockey

Mon, Sep 12

On Monday, Canadian rock band Art of Dying has an off-day from the North American Uproar Festival tour.

Wonder whether that means they'll be playing hockey.

No, seriously.

Fronted by Jonny Hetherington, the five-member band from Vancouver, Canada, has built a huge following the past six years touring with heavy metal staples such as Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace and Seether. They currently are a third of the way through the Uproar Festival with shows in Montreal on Tuesday and Toronto on Wednesday.

Perfect time to play a little hockey.

"A lot of guys like working out on their off-days to stay in shape and we seem to love to play hockey. Hey, we're Canadian," said bass guitar player Cale Gontier. "There's always an ice rink around to get some time in."

Gontier, 33, has been playing the sport since a teen. His Art of Dying bandmates said he could have turn pro with more seasoning.

"But, after awhile, I decided I wanted to make music and partying more," said Gontier, who is now married. "So I get out on the ice twice a week just because I love it. It's more than a stress reliever. Maybe now I should be called a weekend warrior."