N.J. hip-hop artist creates NFL-themed 'Rhyme Reels'

Sun, Sep 25

Think NFL players have it tough on Sundays?

So does Nick Javas.

"Basically I won't be sleeping on a Sunday night until like February," Javas said.

That's because Javas, a New Jersey-born-and-raised hip-hop artist, spends late Sundays and (really, really) early Mondays creating his NFL-themed "Rhyme Reels." Every lyric is new, based on the week's games. Every photo is taken from Sunday's action, too. Every clip needs to be posted by Javas' self-imposed 8 a.m. deadline.

And yes, Javas does nearly all the work himself -- cutting, shooting, recording, pretty much everything except the beat (provided by Fifth Seal).

"It's a challenge," Javas said. "But it's worth it."

Already Javas has gained some traction, be it landing the occasional guest star (like Joe Gannascoli of "The Sopranos," featured prominently in Week 2), a stint on "SportsNation" last season, or a job on Pepsi Max's NFL Audible campaign during the 2010 playoffs, in which he would preview games (such as Bears-Packers, featuring Lupe Fiasco).

Javas started just a year ago, as he aimed to incorporate football into his rhyme repertoire (he already had songs about baseball and basketball).

He wanted football to be bigger than the others, too. Once a wide receiver at Rutgers, Javas' career was cut short due to a knee injury -- which, he says, is why he started writing in the first place.

So he went all-out on football last year, subjecting himself to those sleepless nights and more -- such as Weeks 12-14 last season, when he never missed a rhyme while on tour in Europe, writing in hotel rooms, on planes and even stageside before his shows.

And to Javas, who also has recorded a sports-themed single called "Victory," it's about satisfying his thirst for sports, reaching an audience outside the normal hip-hop scene, and seeing just how far this labor-intensive project can take him.

"It's really not about the money," Javas said. "I enjoy entertaining people."

Check back Monday for the latest installment.