Brooklyn Nets announcement a bit anticlimactic

Mon, Sep 26

With the New Jersey Nets moving to Brooklyn in 2012, everyone's been wondering what the relocated team will be called. No way they'd stick with something as bland as Nets, right? So what'll it be -- the Brooklyn Knights? Brooklyn Hipsters? Brooklyn Dodgers?

No, no, and no. Once the team moves into its new arena in downtown Brooklyn, it will be called -- drumroll, please -- the Brooklyn Nets.

That rather underwhelming announcement was made this morning at a Brooklyn press conference by hip-hop mogul and Nets minority owner Jay-Z, who was joined onstage by a bunch of politicians and developers some people who aren't as rich or famous as Jay-Z. But hey, that's what passes for NBA star power these days, because players can't participate in this type of event while the lockout's still in place.

That logo on the banner is a bit of a head-scratcher, because Brooklyn is often abbreviated as BKLN or BKLYN or even just BK, but it's rare that you see a K-less version. But at least the banner upholds the apparently iron-clad rule that every NBA logo must include a basketball.

As for those jerseys, that's just a placeholder design. According to Jay-Z, "the Nets will have new colors, but we're not ready to announce that yet." Of course, if that announcement is as anti-climactic as today's way, they'll just go on wearing red and blue.