Beadle mania: Cards for ESPN host are selling fast!

Wed, Sep 28

Diehard sports fans may not have too many reasons to rip into packs of the recently released Americana set of celebrity trading cards, but we can think of at least one.

Who? Michelle Beadle.

The co-host of ESPN's "SportsNation" appears on a card in the set, and she signed a limited number of cards that were inserted into $25 packs from Panini America. (Each pack guarantees an autograph or a card with a piece of a celebrity's clothing inside.)

Beadle Mania
Courtesy of Panini Michelle Beadle's autographed cards are selling well on eBay.

According to, Beadle signed just 59 regular cards as well as a Signature Material card -- one with clothing and a signature -- for the set. With so few to go around, there have been some strong sales. Of the last five sold on eBay, none went for less than $33 (with shipping) and the highest went for $45.

No word on whether Colin Cowherd was a bidder.

But just how popular is Beadle? Let's look at a sampling of some recent eBay sales …

• Linda Hamilton of "Terminator 2" fame? $18.41.

• Milo Ventimiglia of "Heroes"? $7.

• Brigitte Nielsen -- you know, the main squeeze of Ivan Drago … and Flava Flav? $30.

• John Schneider, you know, Bo Duke? $8.

• Linda Evans of "Dynasty"? $18.27

• Peter Tork of The Monkees … The Monkees! $21.57.

Who's topped Beadle … for now?

• "Beverly Hills 90210" star Tori Spelling at $51.05.

• "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair at $79.95.

• Pamela Anderson of Canadian Football League fame -- OK, that and more -- at $86.

• Emmanuelle Chriqui of "Entourage" at $105.

• And last but not least, Justin Bieber of … um, Justin Bieber fame? He went for $130.