Milwaukee Brewers fan literally face of franchise

Wed, Sep 28

The face many Milwaukee Brewers fans will see when remembering the night the team clinched its first division title in 29 years doesn't belong to Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder.

It's the rugged mug of longtime season-ticket holder Derrick Iseler.

"I actually feel bad for them," Iseler said laughing. "They probably deserve a much better picture, especially Prince or Braun or … anybody."

While Braun and Fielder provided the lasting memories on the field on Sept. 23, it is Iseler's face that stares from the ticket that fans got the night the Brewers won the NL Central division title.

Iseler, a partner with Security Insurance Services, won a contest before the season to have his face on a ticket that would go out to all season ticket holders. He says he chose the date because it's his 33rd wedding anniversary with his wife, Cyndi.

Oh, and he had a hunch.

"You knew they weren't going to sit still," he said. "They had the firepower when they're up to bat. It was just a matter of getting the pitching under control."

Seated 12 rows behind the Brewers' on-deck circle, Iseler says fans around him began recognizing him as the game was going on. As the historical significance of the night became apparent, the unassuming businessman turned into a stadium celebrity.

"One young couple had asked for an autograph just for their infant son and I did it just to make them laugh," he said, "so they could take a picture of me signing one."

As the one of the team's newfound good luck charms, Iseler says he'll be in his seats for every playoff game at Miller Park. And while the team hasn't asked him to pose for any more tickets despite the fact that that his mug adorned perhaps the most significant one printed in the past 29 years, he's cool with that.

"That's like winning the lottery at a 10 million to 1 chance," he said. "It sure was special, no doubt."