Fans can get branded bats from baseball movies

Thu, Oct 6

If you know the name Roy Hobbs, then you might simply think "The Natural."

But "Wonderboy" might come to mind, too.

Courtesy of reelbats.comFans can get specially branded bats for players from "The Natural", "Bull Durham" and "Major League."

The duo go hand in hand -- well, Wonderboy in the hands of Robert Redford (aka Hobbs) at least -- in the 1984 film that was nominated for four Oscars but failed to bring one home.

But Wonderboy? That's a different story as you can bring Hobbs' famous bat home right now thanks to a Florida man, Abel Sanchez, who toured the Baseball Hall of Fame a few years ago and wondered whether one of the most memorable pieces of sports memorabilia ever to hit the big screen had ever been replicated.

"I was certain [Louisville] Slugger had to have done something like this at some point during their 125-year history," said Sanchez in the latest issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly, which explores collecting movie memorabilia. "Turns out they hadn't."

And that's how was born.

Sanchez's company, in conjunction with Louisville Slugger and the respective movie studios, has produced specially branded bats for players from "The Natural", "Bull Durham" and "Major League."

That means you can own one of 1,000 Wonderboy replicas for $125 (plus shipping).

"None of the major bat companies ever has [done this]," said Sanchez, who also provided a Wonderboy to be given away in the magazine. "So to take this wild idea that literally smacked me out thin air and then scrape and claw to turn this concept into a reality … it's been an altogether amazing and nerve-wracking experience."