David Ortiz talks music, fans amid Sox drama

Fri, Oct 14

No matter what happens between David Ortiz and the Red Sox, Boston always will have the memories. Two World Series titles. Towering home runs. The Curse, reversed. And one catchy hip-hop track, featuring Big Papi himself.

Wait, what?

Yes, the slugging DH appears -- and raps -- alongside young artist Moufy in his promotional song (and video) "Boston," released in September. The one-day shoot/recording session -- which took place at Ortiz's house -- was the player's first go at English-language recording. And, he said, "it was easy"; the hard part belonged to Moufy.

"I wasn't nervous at all," Ortiz said by phone Friday. "I was enjoying the moment. ... I love music, so once I listened to the beat, I just [felt it]."

Ortiz didn't want to talk Sox on Friday, two days after airing his frustrations with the team and its "drama" in an ESPN interview.

But despite his cloudy baseball future, Ortiz insists he still wants to reach out to fans -- and he'll show that part, too, as part of the same popchips promotion that brought about the video, one in which fans submitted their reasons why Ortiz should spend an hour with them and/or their organization.

The entries are in, many of them heartfelt ("I have seen some that made me feel like I want to cry," Ortiz said). Now it's time for voting, with the winner to be announced Oct. 24.

And so, craziness aside, the typically outward Ortiz wants to be there.

"I think that this is something that the fans always look for," he said. "I'm all about that."

But what about his future? His music future, that is.

"We'll see down the road," Ortiz said. "But I wouldn't mind being involved in [another] video."