McKagan: Feeling Minnesota over Vikings rumors

Thu, Oct 20
Duff McKagan, Lorenzo BookerGetty Images

Los Angeles and the power brokers who have interests within and around its city borders have been talking for years about how they would eventually build a state-of-the-art stadium and bring back an NFL team. Heck, HBO's "Entourage" even had a plot line that centered on these happenings.

But it does appear now that the hope-filled fiction of the NFL coming to the City of Angels has taken one big step toward reality with the clearance of two possible sites for a real-deal NFL venue.

I was in L.A. last week and, as such, spent much of my time in a car, which is where I listen to all my sports talk radio noise. And the "talk" of the L.A. sports "town" was the "fact" that the team that would fill this new stadium in Southern California would be none other than the Minnesota Vikings.

I have made my view on these things clear whilst writing for ESPN; I do not like the fact that beloved teams from certain cities are getting sold down the river to other ownership groups whose interests lie in taking that team away. Take Sacramento. Or Winnipeg getting its hockey team back (at Atlanta's expense). Or my Seattle SuperSonics being stolen by Clay Bennett. Hell, Minneapolis already lost one NBA franchise to Los Angeles years ago and a hockey franchise to Dallas. It even came somewhat close to losing the Twins a few years back.

I mean, you know if the Vikings went to L.A., Minneapolis would one day vie to get some other team from somewhere else, right? It doesn't make sense. We've got to find a way to keep teams in their hometowns.

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