Paris Jackson joins Page 2 Jeopardy team!

Fri, Oct 21

Welcome back to another edition of Page 2 Jeopardy!, the quiz that tests your knowledge of sports, pop culture and assorted trivia. Please remember to phrase your responses in the form of a question.

(Correct questions at the end of the quiz.)

1. Answer: After leading his team to a big win last weekend, this college quarterback raised eyebrows when he said, "This is what I'm getting paid for, is to play."

2. Answer: At 13, Paris Jackson -- daughter of Michael -- made news at her L.A.-area private school by becoming the first girl to join this team.

3. Answer: The bachelor party this past summer for this college quarterback consisted of four hours of bobsled, skeleton and zipline rides with friends.

4. Answer: He throws almost 100 mph, but this reliever's vision is so weak he sometimes has trouble making out a catcher's signs and says, "I don't know what my vision is, but I can promise I'm not Ted Williams."

5. Answer: His dad, Bruce, has multiple Grammys, but can't leap and dunk like his son, a 6-foot-4 freshman guard at UNC Asheville.

Question 1: Who is Washington's Keith Price?

Question 2: What is flag football?

Question 3: Who is Kellen Moore?

Question 4: Who is Jason Motte?

Question 5: Who is Keith Hornsby?