Will Hope Solo win 'Dancing with the Stars' crown?

Mon, Nov 7

With only five remaining couples on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars," it's time to give a primer for the final few weeks of the show.

For Monday's quarterfinals, the couples will be given two dances -- one previously unlearned and the jive.

Here's my thoughts on the dancers and Monday's unlearned dance:

Nancy Grace-Tristan MacManus (tango)

Why they will win: Grace wasn't expected to do as well on this show and has surprised the judges and even the audience.

Why they won't: Grace has consistently been near the bottom and actually has a lower score than three couples who already have been eliminated.

Rob Kardashian-Cheryl Burke (quickstep)

Why they will win: Kardashian has the wow factor as no one expected him to be a good dancer.

Why they won't: Kardashian's fan base has been consistent but will women vote him the crown?

Ricki Lake-Derek Hough (waltz)

Why they will win: With Hough doing a lot of the work, Lake has been the best female dancer on the show.

Why they won't: If there are several women in the finals, will that split the vote?

J.R. Martinez-Karina Smirnoff (waltz)

Why they will win: This war hero needs to just hold on and will likely win the crown.

Why they won't: If people join the show just for the finals, they might not know who he is.

Hope Solo-Maksim Chmerkovskiy (quickstep)

Why they will win: The controversy of the past few weeks has actually boosted their confidence.

Why they won't: Chmerkovskiy hasn't won a title despite being so close, so will he be the Buffalo Bills of dancing?