Ex-NBA player Walter McCarty releases second CD

Tue, Nov 8

Former NBA player Walter McCarty doesn't want to be known as a person to profit off his celebrity.

So, with the launch of his second CD "Emotionally" a few weeks ago, McCarty has been focusing his interviews more on his music and putting his 10 years in the NBA in the rearview mirror.

"People might think this is a gimmick, but it's not. I'm not just another athlete doing music," said McCarty, who won a college national title with Kentucky before playing with four NBA teams, mostly with the Boston Celtics. "I was that 6-foot-10 high school kid in the school choir. I sang in church. I write songs. I play piano. I'm really into this."

"Emotionally", which is No. 11 on the smooth jazz charts, is McCarty's sophomore effort. His first, "Moment of Love", was critically acclaimed in 2003. McCarty also sang the National Anthem at the 2006 NBA All-Star Weekend.

"People tend to shy away from singing just because we're athletes," McCarty said. "But I've always been intrigued by music. As a kid, I would stand on the street corner singing and doo-wopping. I still have that passion."