Canadian duo are fanatics with crazy bucket list

Thu, Nov 10

Those of you with a "bucket list": What's on it?

Skydiving? Mountain climbing? Fenway? Maybe.

Getting Otis Nixon to re-enact his infamous 1992 World Series-ending bunt? Probably not -- unless you happen to be Ethan Cole and Laurence Payne, the 28-year-old Toronto pair behind "The Project," a Web odyssey turned Canadian TV program featuring "two sports fans with a crazy bucket list."

Crazy is right. On it are dreams like boxing Buster Douglas (the project spun off from a documentary on Douglas the film-centric duo once shot), getting life advice from The Ultimate Warrior, setting up a footrace between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, and that aforementioned Nixon bunt.

Check, check, check and check. So apparently it's not that crazy.

"We're sort of 4-for-4," said Cole, who works in advertising. (Payne is in production.)

Oh, it has taken some creativity to pull off. But that's part of the fun, Cole said.

Take that Warrior situation. The former pro wrestler is a painter, so Cole and Payne decided to buy one of his pieces. Then they started corresponding, soon asked the Warrior to participate in the series -- and ended up writing a five-page essay asserting their worthiness.

But it worked. It's led to some "absurd scenarios" and even "bonding moments," Cole said. And three episodes -- Warrior, Nixon and Douglas -- are airing Tuesdays on Canada's theScore, with many top clips posted on their Web site. (The Nixon bunt is here.)

The project is far from done, too. Also on the list are dining with Moises Alou and Steve Bartman, bowling with Bud Selig and Pete Rose, and many more. But first: Become Charles Barkley's personal assistant for a day, a campaign that launched this week via Web video and social media like Twitter. (Cole said they also met Barkley at a party, and that he tentatively agreed at the time.)

So where does this all go?

"I don't know if it will lead to it," Cole said, "but we would love for it to start a movement. We want people to start sharing what they would want to do with these guys, and then we could [pull it off]."

Now that's something to put on a bucket list.