Website lets anyone become a world-record holder

Mon, Nov 14

World records are set every day.

Sure, there are the well-known ones in sports: Most career wins by a quarterback in the regular season (Brett Favre, 186), most points scored in a season (LaDainian Tomlinson, 186 in 2006).

There also are the slightly more specific sports records: Most fourth-quarter comeback wins in a career (Dan Marino, 36) or most pass attempts in a rookie season (Sam Bradford, 590, in 2010).

But what about talents outside of sports? Ones that are so specific, so niche, and yet so extraordinary?

That's where comes in. Take Perry Romanowski, for example. He currently holds the world record for the fastest time to run 50 miles while juggling (8 hours, 23 minutes, 52 seconds). And then there's Mack Elder, who holds the mark for the fastest time to name all Star Trek TV episodes in broadcast order (1 minute, 38.9 seconds). There's also balancing legend Doug McManaman, who holds more than 200 records, including the longest time to balance a vacuum cleaner on his chin (43.35 seconds).

"We make the platform as open as possible, because we encourage creativity in the record-setting process," said Dan Rollman, who co-founded the site with fellow world-record junkie Corey Henderson. "Our basic rules are that your submission has to be quantifiable, breakable, and you need to have sufficient media evidence. But beyond that, we really encourage people to use their imagination and dream up new word-record categories."

The site officially launched three years ago and now has more than 20,000 records, submissions from 50-plus countries, and the biggest collection of world-record videos on the internet.

"We all look for unique ways to express our individuality, and a world record is an opportunity to do that," said Rollman, who evaluates the submissions with a moderating team. "We have seven billion people on this planet, there has to be something that I do that puts me in first place on some category, no matter how obtuse it is."

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