Kenneth Cole highlights our All-Style Team

Sat, Nov 26

At the risk of sounding pretentious, clothes make the man. In the interest of not sounding sexist, we proclaim that clothes make the woman, too.

On that note -- however feeble and hollow it may be -- we present the All-Style Team. After checking the mirror, of course.

Kenneth Cole: When playing basketball for Australia at the 1964 Olympics, Cole probably wore conventional athletic shoes rather than the formal footwear for which his namesake's company is known. At least we hope so.

Spiffy Evans: Curtric Jamal Evans acquired the nickname from his grandfather for his insistence on taking a bath immediately after playing in the dirt and grass as a toddler. (Most parents can presumably attest that this trait is rare.) At any rate, Evans is a freshman kick returner player for the football team at Boston College, and he has a brother named Deac who apparently failed to convince him to attend Wake Forest.

Paul Frederick Schreiber: By modern standards, the 6-2, 180-pound pitcher for the Brooklyn Robins, 1920s precursors of the Dodgers, wouldn't be particularly large. But in his time, he might have qualified for the Big and Tall market occupied securely by the Paul Frederick company these days. Schreiber didn't make many MLB appearances, but he did put on the uniform of 15 teams in the minors.

Bill Sharp: As Joe Jackson -- no, not that one; he didn't wear shoes, after all -- once sang, "Tell me what they're wearin' this year." As a baseball player, Sharp did make several new fashion statements, plying his trade in Asheville, Knoxville, Des Moines, Spokane, Milwaukee and the north side of Chicago over seven years.

Hygens Succes: If you're dressed for Succes, you're wearing blue and orange and hoping to take down the Seminoles this weekend. He's a Florida Gator linebacker. Although the season so far has been a bit of a downer in Gainesville, the regular season's final weekend does offer the chance for redemption.