Readers, how much do you hate the BCS? Tell us!

Mon, Dec 5

Are you sick and tired of the BCS and don't want to take it anymore?

For that matter, are you sick and tired of the SEC seemingly providing the nation's collegiate football champion on an annual basis?

If you are, we have one word for you:


Yes, the BCS humans and the BCS computers have decreed that undefeated No. 1 LSU will face one-loss No. 2 Alabama in a rematch for the national title. No. 3 Oklahoma State will be left out in the cold -- if that is a fair way to describe playing in the Fiesta Bowl.

Hey, Nick Saban said he thought they got it right and that there was no need to "mull over" the outcome of the two human and one computer polls. Granted, the Crimson Tide Coach may be just a teensy-weensy bit prejudiced in his club's favor.

But, if you are enraged or at least disgusted by the outcome, this is your last chance to express your view. Our reader-generated list this week will be "Top 10 Reasons To Hate the BCS (and/or the SEC)." We want humor even if it is tinged with legitimate anger. Or if you want to make fun of those who continue to rant and rave, this is your chance to do that, too.

Send your suggestions to -- with your first name, initial of your last name and your location. Your deadline is noon Wednesday and the list will appear on Page 2 Thursday.

We know you're out there because just 40 minutes after the rematch was announced, the story had 2,936 comments beneath it. Comments such as "This is a complete joke!" and "How much longer do we have to put up with this BCS BS?" and "(Bleep) the SEC!"

We need you to be a little more focused than that. "Top 10 Reasons To Hate the BCS (and/or the SEC)." After all, this really is your last chance.