Dwyane Wade talks new shoes and his movie role

Wed, Dec 7

MIAMI -- So Dwyane Wade thinks he can dance?

Well, yes and no.

Yes, because Wade will dance -- quite seriously, mind you -- in next year's Cameron Diaz-starring film "What to Expect When You're Expecting," reportedly on a fictional competition-style TV show (he even worked with choreographer Tyce Diorio for it).

But here's where the "no" comes in: Asked about his cameo Wednesday at the unveiling of his new Jordan Fly Wade 2 shoe, Wade wasn't exactly boasting. In fact, it took some pressing to even get Wade to talk about it.

"I've never been that nervous in my life," the Miami Heat star finally said. "I almost walked out. I did. I almost quit before it started."

That would have been one of the few refusals Wade gave this "pretty busy" offseason. Despite being down about the Heat's NBA Finals loss to the Dallas Mavericks, Wade soon jetted over to Milan for a flirtation with the fashion industry.

"They had to drag me out of the house," Wade said, "but once I got over there, it put me in a different world. It took me away from basketball."

He also went to Paris, China and Australia, among other places, and not all of it for hoops. In all, he said, the whole lockout experience -- negative as it was in some ways -- allowed him to "broaden my horizons" and build his brand.

Will that brand be OK, even with the lockout? Wade thinks so.

"One thing that this lockout did do -- it gave our partners an opportunity to use us more, to get a chance to know us more," said Wade, who this offseason got his own Nike logo, to go with this new commercial. "I think I did an OK job of making sure I stayed as visible as possible."

Which, to Wade, is certainly a positive. Except for maybe the dancing-in-a-movie thing.

"Hopefully," Wade said, "they'll cut it right and make it look good."