Readers provide top 10 reasons to hate the BCS

Thu, Dec 8

Asking you whether you hate the BCS is similar to poking a bear with a stick but without all the roaring and foaming at the mouth. Actually, there probably was a lot of roaring and foaming at the mouth but, fortunately, we didn't have to witness it.

Hopefully participating in this week's reader-generated Top 10 list was therapeutic for the hundreds that eagerly responded. Granted, many of you ignored our format to send in long-winded diatribes as if the BCS had stolen your homework and stuck gum on your desk.

For anyone who just came out of a cave, the combination of two human polls and one computer poll have decreed that No. 1 LSU will face No. 2 Alabama in a rematch for the national championship of collegiate football -- guaranteeing that the SEC will boast the crown for another year.

The response to our call for a list suggests most of you are not happy, not happy at all.

One example was sent by Randy H. of San Diego, who said in part: "The polling was so obviously tampered with to favor Alabama, and it is disgusting. Now all the talking heads trying to convince themselves the match is justified is just pitiful. … I am sick of it and don't want to see it. Thanks BCS for ruining college football for me!"

As we said, not happy at all.

Still, the nature of our list is to seek out humor in any situation. That's how we make a list:

Top 10 Reasons To Hate the BCS

10. "I'd rather watch reruns of 'She's the Sheriff' than the BCS Championship Game," said Scott G. of Rockford, Ill. (If you have forgotten, 'She's the Sheriff' was the proof in 1987-88 that Suzanne Somers should have never left 'Three's Company.')

9. "You have to hate a system that lets a team think they should play for the National Championship even after they lost to Iowa State," said Chris T. of Fredericksburg, Va. (Oklahoma State fans should know Chris is from the Alabama class of '97.)

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