Georgia Tech's Buzz, Nevada's Wolfie Jr. in finals

Sat, Dec 10

Step back, BCS -- there is a playoff in major college football! And the championship round is here.

OK, so it's designed to determine the top mascot, via the Capital One Mascot Challenge. But this competition involves just one type of computer: the fans', as they can choose their No. 1 via Web vote through Monday (here and here).

The finalists: Georgia Tech's Buzz and Nevada's Wolfie Jr., who have outlasted 14 other creatures to get to the final. Now, Buzz has some buzz, but if Wolfie wins it'll be quite the comeback (just check out that heartwarming video).

Winners will be announced at the Capital One Bowl (Nebraska vs. South Carolina) on Jan. 2, and the victorious school will earn $20,000 toward its mascot program.