Page 2 offers highlights of Prince Fielder binder

Tue, Dec 13

Prince Fielder is the hottest item on the free-agent market, and his reps at the Scott Boras Corporation are eager to prove it. The supersuits put together a 73-page binder praising Fielder's accomplishments, just in case general managers and team owners hadn't yet caught whiff of the up-and-coming slugger. It's mostly a dull read, full of fluff and clearly biased statistics, but Page 2 took the time to sort through the boring stuff to find a handful of noteworthy bits.

Prince Fielder
Caroline CrasnickPrince Fielder's accomplishments are detailed in this 73-page binder for potential bidders.

• Is a family man. Brought daughter Haven to Take Your Daughter to Work Day during 2009 season, though she was taken out of the game in the second inning after striking out on three obvious balls.

• Part of history's only father/son combo named Cecil and Prince to have never performed on Broadway.

• Is a scholar of the game. Once turned down an invitation to Ryan Braun's steroid sleepover to stay in studying film.

• Gives fans enough time to visit concessions during home run trot, which increases team revenues.

• Makes up for defensive shortcomings by doing the Truffle Shuffle for adoring fans every time he makes an error.

• Once beat Rollie Fingers in a staring contest, even though Fingers was twitching his mustache in hilarious fashion.

• Hit a home run at Tiger Stadium at the age of 12, though he did it with an aluminum bat, so I guess that's nothing special.

• Ranks top 10 in the National League for baseball-appropriate last names.

• Despite being a vegetarian since 2008, has maintained tremendous girth, demonstrating outstanding versatility as a consumer of calories.

• Always the first one to break the piñata at family birthday parties.

• So disciplined at the plate that sometimes he stops at seconds.