Steelers fans can download Terrible Towel app

Tue, Dec 20

The Terrible Towel iPad and iPod app has arrived. For just 99 cents, you can pull up an HD picture of Pittsburgh's famed Terrible Towel and, as iTunes reviewer Grumpy Old Dog says, "just wave [your] iPad in people's faces."

It's just the latest evolution of the Terrible Towel. Last year, before the Super Bowl, the world was introduced to The Twerrible Towel, which was a Terrible Towel, powered by a ceiling fan motor, that twirled once whenever someone in the world Tweeted #SteelersNation or #TwerribleTowel. And then there was this guy who went slightly lower tech and got a sort-of Terrible Towel forearm tattoo. You see, one needs both arms free in order to hold a Terrible Towel-wrapped baby.

Is it all a bit much? Not at all. There is no wrong way for a Steelers fan to twirl a Terrible Towel. After all, there are much more important things to worry about in a world that will soon be destroyed by Bane.