Ten signs your high-profile marriage is in trouble

Thu, Dec 22

Holding a marriage together is difficult regardless of a couple's occupations, but it's understandable that the chances of a long-lasting relationship may seem especially slim for a sports celebrity who has riches, notoriety and temptation added to the mix.

As 2011 wound down, we watched the McCourts, owners of the Los Angeles Dodgers, go through a public and messy divorce, with Jamie McCourt giving up her stake in the Dodgers while receiving $130 million in return. Frank McCourt, meanwhile, found himself being divorced by MLB, too.

Los Angeles must be especially tough on marriages, as the current hot divorce talks are about Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, as onlookers try to settle the over/under on what that settlement will be.

No wonder this seemed like the perfect time for a reader-generated list about the warning signs sports celebrities should be considering if they are foolish enough to think their marriage is secure. And an interesting note: This is the first time doing these lists that about half of the respondents were female. Perhaps that should worry all the guys.

Top 10 Signs Your Sports Marriage Is In Trouble

10. "Your wife comes home wearing a Brett Favre jersey and you're not Brett Favre," said Reed C. of Fort Wayne. (I know, I know, but if we forget Brett, who will remember?)

9. "The Charles Chips delivery guy looks like Adonis and your wife is having 50 gallon cans delivered per week," said Marianne H. of Fort Lauderdale. (You don't have to be a sports celebrity to worry about this one.)

8. "Your wife petitions the NBA for more back-to-back road games," said Shirley B. of Boston.

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