Mizzou mascot breaks Independence Bowl trophy

Tue, Dec 27
Independence Bowl trophy broken Mizzou Alumni AssociationTruman, the Missouri Tiger, did some damage to the Independence Bowl trophy.

Not the greatest of starts for the Independence Bowl in Shreveport.

It's been a rainy day down on the Bayou, but we've already had one mishap: The Independence Bowl trophy has been shattered by Truman the Tiger, Mizzou's mascot.

The rumors started earlier today when the Mizzou Alumni Twitter account posted a photo of all that was left by the broken piece of crystal.

"If you break it, you own it...right?" the account read after relaying the incident.

Harry Plumer of the Columbia Missourian dug to the bottom of the sordid incident.

"Confirmed that Truman broke the Independence Bowl Trophy. Tried to pick it up during a photo op, and it took a tumble. Was imported crystal," he wrote via Twitter. "Asked Truman if he broke the trophy. He nodded. Asked him what happened. Threw his paws in the air, then covered his eyes to mimic sobbing. ... Truman seemed as sorry as a college kid in a Tiger suit can seem."

Here's what the trophy normally looks like, back when Mizzou won this game in 2005.

Missouri beat North Carolina, 41-24 at the bowl game on Monday night to win... something.