British snowboarder sets longest rail world mark

Wed, Dec 28

Kids stuck snowboarding at indoor facilities like the Sno!Zone in Milton Keynes, England do the damndest things, as evidenced by Calum Paton's official new Guinness World Record: On December 2 the British snowboarder 50-50'd his way into the record book with a 78 meter (259.5 feet) slide down a 91.5 meter rail custom built for the purpose during a rail jam session orchestrated by Whitelines Snowboard Magazine, Sno!Zone, and the EA Sports snowboard game SSX.

"I'm so stoked, I wasn't expecting to do it at all!" Paton said, in a statement released after the record was confirmed by Guinness observers. Paton bested the previous record of 67.9 meters, set in 2009 by Spanish rider Alejandro Benito (also on an indoor slope). "It feels so surreal that I actually hold a world record."

Such stunts hold more sway in video games like SSX than they do in the snowboard world -- this week Boardistan's Lee Crane dubbed Paton's indoor achievement the "World's Longest Snow Rail in a Refrigerator" -- but it's good fun all the same. Just for kicks, we did some research to find out what other kooky snowboard records the folks at Guinness World Records are keeping track of.

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