Videos reveal detail on Oregon Rose Bowl unis

Fri, Dec 30

A few days ago, we showed you photos of Oregon's Rose Bowl uniform. But the lighting in those photos was kept deliberately dim (what's up with that, Nike?), and several of the uniform's design elements can't be fully appreciated in a still photo -- you need to see them in motion.

And now, thanks to some videos that have been posted, you can. First up is the helmet, which looks like a cross between a motorcycle helmet and a disco ball. Check it out:

Then there's jersey. If you skip ahead to the 50-second mark of this next video clip, you'll see just how shiny the new shoulder wings are. Also, watch the shoulder numbers as the players move -- you can see a bit of the color-shift effect that Nike had promised, sort of like an iridescent mallard's head.

My personal scorecard:

Helmet: Would probably look great if you're riding a Harley but probably not so great on the football field.

Shoulder wings: A mess. Reminds me too much of this look, which nobody liked.

Mallard-esque numbers: Very cool.