What will be unexpected sports moments of 2012?

Mon, Jan 2

Another year, another string of weekly reader-generated Top 10 list on Thursdays. (At least that's how it stands now although NFL coaches call this "Black Monday" because not all of them are employed by the end of the day.)

In any case, this will be the first list of the new year, so it is fitting to look ahead. And perhaps the best thing about sports is that it never follows a script. Just when you are convinced you know exactly what will happen and how it will look, the Oregon Ducks break out a new uni or a relatively unknown 'baller is married for 72 days and becomes the most hated man in the NBA.

That's what we are looking for this week: "Top 10 Unexpected Sports Moments of 2012." You might draw inspiration from the past, thinking of when Buster Douglas floored Mike Tyson for the title or a Jamaican bobsled team showed up at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Go where your imagination takes you but please remember that we are always looking for a chuckle from our lists, Dave Letterman-style. Send your entries to osogreene@aol.com -- and include your first name, initial of your last name and your location (which means where you live, not "I'm in my bedroom.")

You have until noon Wednesday to show off your wit and the list will appear Thursday on Page 2. Let us know what will happen that we didn't see coming -- such as Tim Tebow being upstaged by a monkey riding a dog.

Here we come, 2012, ready or not.