LeBron James, Charlie Sheen in final quiz of 2011

Mon, Jan 2
Brad PittAP Photo/Ben MargotWhich was higher in 2011? The box-office gross of "Moneyball" or the Athletics' payroll?

Here's one last quiz about the past year while wondering when you'll finally stop writing 2011 on your checks. (Wait a second -- do people still use checks?).

1, Arrange the following from lowest to highest:

A, Days the Kardashian/Humphries marriage lasted

B, Days the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning record

C, Days the NFL lockout lasted

D, Days the NBA lockout lasted

E, Days Tim Pawlenty's presidential campaign lasted

2, Which was higher?

A, The box office gross for "Moneyball''

B, The Athletics player payroll

3, What athletic feat was not ascribed to Kim Jong-il, the longtime North Korean dictator who died last month?

A, Shot a 38-under-par round of golf with five holes-in-one on a 7,700-yard course

B, Bowled a perfect 300 game in his first try

C, Dunked a basketball over LeBron James, though the video was confiscated by James

D, Provided advice to North Korea's World Cup soccer team coach via an invisible cell phone

4, Arrange the following from highest to lowest:

A, Points gained on Dow Jones in 2011

B, Pounds lost by Rulon Gardner on "The Biggest Loser''

C, Points allowed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

D, Points allowed by Kansas Jayhawks

5, Who did not travel to Germany in 2011?

A, Dirk Nowitski

B, Alex Rodriguez

C, Buffalo Sabres center Luke Adam

D, Hope Solo

E, None of the above.

6, Who had the higher salary in 2011?

A, Bud Selig

B, LeBron James

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