Clip and save the 1st sports quiz of the year!

Mon, Jan 2
Lindsey VonnAP Photo/Alessandro TrovatiWill Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn join "Dancing with the Stars" this year?

What will 2012 bring the wide world of sports? Your guess is as good as mine. And you can prove it with this 2012 prediction quiz. Fill it out, keep track of your answers and then we'll see how it all panned out the end of the year.

1, Predict the following from lowest to highest:

A, Days in 2012 until Prince Fielder signs

B, Days Tim Tebow survives in the NFL playoffs

C, Days before Ron Paul drops out of presidential campaign

D, Days the Cubs will spend in first place

2, Who will agree to appear on "Dancing With the Stars''?

A, Michael Phelps

B, Lindsey Vonn

C, Amanda Knox

D, Jordyn Wieber

E, Tony La Russa

F, None of the above

3, True or false: Madonna will have a wardrobe malfunction or a profanity bleeped out during the Super Bowl halftime performance.

4, Who among the following will deliver an acceptance speech?

A, Barry Larkin at Cooperstown

B, Denard Robinson at the Heisman Trophy ceremony

C, Robert Griffin III at the ESPY's

D, Mitt Romney at Republican convention

E, All of the above

5, What will be the higher number?

A, All-Star votes for Albert Pujols

B, Republican primary votes for Rick Perry

6, Who will People magazine name its Sexiest Man Alive?

A, Mark Sanchez

B, Ryan Gosling

C, Tim Tebow

D, Derek Jeter

E, Newt Gingrich

F, None of the above

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