Which sports rules should be explained on coins?

Wed, Jan 4

Across the pond in the United Kingdom, the Royal Mint has produced a new 50-pence coin that explains the offside rule in soccer.

Perhaps the United States should follow suit. Here's a sampling of sports conundrums that Page 2 would like to see explained on coinage:

• The infield fly rule

Tim Boyle/Getty ImagesWhat could be cooler than a penny that explains
the infield fly rule? Pretty much nothing. Exactly.

• The college football celebration penalty

• Traveling in the NBA versus traveling on any other basketball court in the universe

• Icing

• Completing the process of making a catch as the receiver goes to the ground

• Why USC got a two-year bowl ban, Ohio State got only a one-year ban and Auburn got ... jack squat

• What, exactly, constitutes "a football move"?

• What, exactly, constitutes a balk?

• When is it charging? When is it flopping?

• How Boise State and San Diego State got invited to the Big East

• The tuck rule

What sports rules would you like to see explained on United Sates currency? Post your ideas in the comments section.