Eric Young sadly neglected in Hall of Fame voting

Mon, Jan 9

Where is the love for Eric Young?

All the focus is on Barry Larkin's election to the Hall of Fame, but where is the outrage over Eric Young falling just 429 votes short? While 86 percent of the writers somehow saw fit to elect Larkin, a 12-time All-Star, nine-time Silver Slugger, three-time Gold Glover, one-time MVP, one-time 30-30 man and full-time Reds player, why did only one writer find room on the ballot for Young?

Eric Young
AP Photo/David ZalubowskiEric Young won't be on the Hall of Fame ballot again, but he did have his jersey retired by Colorado in '08.

For crying out loud, that's only one more vote than Phil Nevin received and half as many as Brad Radke.

We're talking about a guy who batted for a higher career average than Harmon Killebrew, played in more All-Star Games than Ty Cobb, hit more home runs than Christy Mathewson, scored more runs than Sandy Koufax and played in more postseasons than Ernie Banks. All those guys are in Cooperstown yet Young finishes 429 votes short? And these writers consider themselves baseball "experts"?

Worse, now Young falls off the ballot because he didn't receive 5 percent of the vote! Why aren't Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck foaming at the mouth over this? Why aren't the Republican candidates debating this and producing negative commercials in New Hampshire? "Barry Larkin is going into the Hall of Fame, even though he missed more than 600 games in his career -- that's four full seasons in which he was paid to do absolutely nothing!" Why aren't statheads developing a more obscure, baffling statistic than WAR so the writers can properly evaluate Young's career and ...

Wait a second. I just remembered. I didn't vote for Eric, either.

Never mind.