Jimmy Fallon talks baseball, Nike's new FuelBand

Thu, Jan 19

NEW YORK -- What in the world is comedian Jimmy Fallon doing here?

"When you think of great athletes, you think of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Tiger Woods and, of course, me, Jimmy Fallon," the late-night host said Thursday at the big Nike announcement of a new product for athletes of all fitness levels.

Nike brought Fallon, along with cycling great Lance Armstrong, basketball All-Star Kevin Durant and track star Carmelita Jeter, to New York to talk about a new wristband -- Nike+ Fuelband -- that tracks movement throughout the day, designed to motivate users to be more active. It costs $149 and will be available at the end of February.

"It's an incredible product, and you're just going to flip out when you see it. It's going to change the way people think about exercising," said Fallon, who was born in New York and has hosted his own national talk show since 2009. "And remember this one very important thing: I was the first to see it."

The FuelBand captures and displays four metrics: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel -- a new metric that will be the ultimate measure of athletic activity. The more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn, whether you're playing basketball, throwing a Frisbee or going for a run.

Fallon, 37, may joke, but he once was an athlete.

"Well, I played baseball as a kid. But once puberty hit, it was all over. I figured I had to become a comedian," said Fallon, who started out as a stand-up comedian before hitting it big on "Saturday Night Live" with his impersonations. "I wasn't that good. Dad stopped coming to the games. It was pretty embarrassing for the whole Fallon family."

And, now with the new wristband, he will be able to compete with others, no matter the skill level.

"I'm an overly competitive guy," Fallon said. "One time, when Betty White was on my show, I killed her at beer pong."

Fallon even challenged Armstrong on Thursday.

"I can compete with you," Fallon said to Armstrong.

"Not so much with me," Armstrong responded.

"Let's go to the karaoke room," Fallon said, "and see who can sing better."