What stupid Super Bowl questions will be asked?

Thu, Jan 26
Aaron RodgersAP Photo/Charlie RiedelGreen Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers last year saw first hand how wild media day is.

A word of defense for the media that ask the stupid Super Bowl questions ever year. The atmosphere surrounding every media day on the Tuesday before the Super Bowl makes you feel stupid.

For starters, you have to wake up early. And get dressed. Media (especially old newspaper guys) don't like to get up and certainly don't like to put on clothes before noon. So you're in a bad mood right from the start.

Then they bus you to the stadium, and then search you and corral you for an hour or so before opening the gates. That's when the hundreds of you are literally herded into the stadium. Trust me when I tell you that a lot of mooing actually goes on during this process. And old guys from Chicago like to explain that this is when the cows get a sledgehammer to the head and are hanged by a hook.

Just thinking about that will make you stupid.

Finally, you have the choice of asking the same old "X's and O's" questions that the players and coaches have answered a thousand times before -- or you can try to ask something original and clever. And that's when you say something stupid.

Based on the hundreds of replies we got to create this reader-generated list, a lot of you have what it takes to become Super Bowl media. Check it out:

Top 10 Stupid Super Bowl Questions

10. "Who is the worst-smelling tight end in the league?" suggested by Ben M. of Peoria, Ill.

9. "For Eli Manning: Does it insult you that Rob Lowe knows more about your brother than you do?" suggested by Cullen D. of Peabody, Mass. (This one might actually be asked.)

8. "Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?" suggested by Pat C. of Pittsburgh. (This one will be asked.)

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