Proposition bets reveal Super Bowl XLVI outcome

Thu, Jan 26
Patriots vs. GiantsAP Photo/Winslow TownsonWhat will transpire at Super Bowl XLVI? Page 2 predicts the happenings through the lens of prop bets.

Spoiler alert!

By making predictions off a variety of proposition bets found around the Internet, Page 2 reveals everything that's going to happen when the Patriots face the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI.

Kelly Clarkson will start the festivities by singing the national anthem -- and will do so wearing NFL merchandise (3-2 odds). Fortunately, you won't be able to see Clarkson's bare midriff during her performance (1-3 odds). It will take Clarkson a little more than 1½ minutes to belt out the entire anthem (over/under 1-34), and she won't pull a Christina Aguilera by omitting a word during her rendition (1-2 odds).

President Barack Obama might be asked to predict which team will win, but it's unclear whether he will choose New England or New York (even odds). The same can be said for each of the Republican candidates (even odds). It's likely all politicians outside of New York and Massachusetts will bail on making a prediction altogether (1-2 odds). Being wishy-washy is par for the course in politics, after all.

With the possibility looming of Eli Manning surpassing big brother Peyton in Super Bowl wins, Peyton will be shown on camera at least four times during the telecast (over/under 3½ appearances). Obviously, a conversation related to Peyton Manning isn't complete without mentioning Colts owner Jim Irsay (over/under one reference) and Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck (over/under 1½ references).

Moving on to the actual game, the Giants will receive the opening kickoff (1-2 odds). According to Mike Pierce of, the last time New England won a coin toss and elected to receive was Sept. 7, 2008 -- Tom Brady suffered a severe knee injury and was lost for the season in that game. Since then, the Patriots have played 65 games, playoffs included, and won the coin toss 28 times. Each time, New England has elected to defer its option.

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