Adriana Lima aims to spar with Manny Pacquiao

Wed, Feb 1

Growing up in Brazil, Adriana Lima didn't know any sports besides soccer -- which she calls "our football" -- but then she blew up as a supermodel in the U.S. and unexpectedly became intertwined in the American sports world.

Lima starred in a much-hyped Victoria's Secret Super Bowl ad in 2008, the lingerie company's first commercial since it famously crashed its own website during the 1999 Super Bowl. She married an NBA player, Marko Jaric, who's now playing in Europe, in 2009. And she's recently taken an interest in boxing, which is part of her intense fitness program.

"In our house there is either a basketball, tennis ball or soccer ball always bouncing around," she said. "Sports and athletics are a huge part of our family's life."

Lima will once again play a role in sports' biggest event on Sunday when she appears in Super Bowl advertisements for Teleflora and Kia.

Boxing is a passion for Lima. While she doesn't fight -- can't risk scuffing up her money-making face -- she often spars in the gym, and does so violently.

And while the world is still waiting on the elusive fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., Lima isn't afraid to get in the ring with her favorite boxer.

"My sports world dream is to spar three rounds with Manny Pacquiao," Lima says. "I am obsessed with boxing and watch all of his fights."