By the Numbers: Callaway golf shoot in Las Vegas

Thu, Feb 2

LAS VEGAS -- The buttoned-up game of golf gets a sexy, only-in-Vegas makeover in a recent series of TV spots for Callaway's 2012 line of goods.

Helmed by music video maven Joseph Khan (U2, Lady Gaga, 50 Cent) with input from Callaway's newly-named Creative Director Justin Timberlake, Callaway's "Epic Demo" campaign will see Phil Mickelson, Alvaro Quiros and others attempting shots in, over and around iconic Las Vegas landmarks.

Here's a by-the-numbers look at the rather ambitious, production that saw 100 crew members, three helicopters (for aerial shots) and eight Callaway-friendly golfers engulf MGM's Sin City properties.

5-7 -- Number of cameras rolling at any given time, capturing 75 hours of video for the three spots.

800 -- Rooms booked at The Bellagio and The Mirage for the production. "I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with three bathrooms," Fredrik Jacobson kidded of his corner suite.

220 -- Distance, in yards, from some turf to a small patch of green on the far side of Mirage's volcano. Mickelson stuck it on his second attempt. "Best shot I've hit all year," he said.

310 -- The shot nailed by Quiros, from the production's platform in The Bellagio's fountain to a net on the other side of the pond.

200 -- Estimated distance from the Excalibur roof to the nearest Luxor tower. "Worst case? I fall short and go through a window," said Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey, the star of that spot. "I just hope I don't disturb anybody."

240 -- Tamales served by craft service. "These shoots are 20 percent action and 80 percent sitting around, talking and eating tamales," said Olin Browne.

6 -- Hours of sleep for Annika Sorenstam during her one night in Vegas, a personal best since the arrival of her 8 month old boy. Late nights on the set (she wrapped at 2 am) left the golfer with just enough time for a drink with friends at Cosmopolitan's The Chandelier, but no time for her favorite game …

$100 -- Sorenstam's maximum craps bet. "I play close attention with that number," she said. "Any more makes me nervous." Her biggest win to date: $2,500, this past summer in Syracuse, "but I gambled for 8 hours that day. Not a great hourly rate."

8 -- Hours logged by Gainey at Bellagio's blackjack tables, resulting in $2,000 in losses. Free drinks consumed by Gainey during that time? "I can't count that high," he said.