Missy Modell channels Rihanna for Giants' song

Fri, Feb 3

With original tunes and new spins on popular favorites, independent singer-songerwiter Missy Modell typically attracts college students and teenage girls.

Now? Add sports fans. Especially supporters of a certain Super Bowl team from New York.

Yes, the Big Apple native -- and lifelong Giants fan -- is winning over Big Blue after recording a song and video called "The G-Men Are Back Again," to the tune of Rihanna's "We Found Love," with some lyrics that might erase any doubt about her sports (and parody writing) cred.

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"I never tapped into the football scene, so I thought this is the year," said the New York-based Modell, who has sung at Mets, Yankees and Knicks games, and who has an independent, non-sports-themed EP coming out soon. "And I really didn't expect the response that I've gotten. It's crazy."

That includes more than 30,000 views through the first three days (only one of her previous videos has more), plus plenty of comments. And no, they're not all positive. We're thinking of one particular fanbase here …

"I like getting a rise out of the fans and creating this little war," said Modell, who took all of two days to write, record and film the song with the help of friend John Kilmer. "But it's all in good fun."

Until the game starts, anyway. Then it gets serious. She's a real football lover, after all. Just like her newest fans.