How will you fill your Sundays without football?

Mon, Feb 6

It's over.

What do we do now?

If we were bears, we could hibernate. If we were caterpillars, we could climb into a cocoon. If we were Mets, we could start losing. But we are none of those things, so what do we do now without any kind of football?

And especially Sunday. What do we do on Sundays?

Even though we are into February, in a sense this is the first reader-generated Top 10 list of the new year because our calendars really should start with the NFL Draft and go from there until now. The Super Bowl is over and there is a void in our lives, again especially on Sunday, 'cause we can make bets only so long on where Peyton Manning will go.

That's what we want you to answer with suggestions for "Top 10 Things To Do On Sundays." As always, think of a Letterman-style list, meaning we are looking for chuckles more than enlightenment. Be clever. Clever is good.

Send your suggestions, one or more, to -- along with your first name, initial of your last name and your location. You have until noon Wednesday and the list will appear here Thursday.