Get to know Seton Hall's star benchwarmer

Tue, Feb 7

Peter Dill vaulted into the national spotlight when his explosive bench celebrations were featured on a "SportsCenter" highlight. The Seton Hall senior dominated the recap of the Pirates' 66-50 win over then-No. 8 UConn on Jan. 3, his new moves pointed out by anchors Kevin Negandhi and Linda Cohn as every basket preceded a close-up of Dill going buck-wild on the sidelines.

Too bad Dill missed it. The guard was sleeping after a late practice.

"Early morning I was getting texts from my coaches, asking me questions about something, and I ignored it in my sleep," Dill said. "They told me to put on 'SportsCenter,' but I was so tired, I told them I'd check it out later."

When Dill finally flipped on his television, he caught the initial stages of a mini-mania surrounding his fist pumps, Aaron Rodgers belt celebration and "Thor's hammer" moves. The YouTube video of the "SportsCenter" segment has nearly 400,000 views, and a quick Google search for Peter Dill brings up headlines like "Seton Hall's Peter Dill Is The Best Benchwarmer in College Basketball."

It even spawned a fake Twitter account @HammerofDill -- Dill and his teammates have been trying, in vain, to figure out who's running it -- and "Hammer of Dill" T-shirts have surfaced, the proceeds of which are going to charity.

But for Dill -- a walk-on whose high school didn't even field a basketball team and who has tallied six career minutes for the Pirates -- all the attention was, well, as funny as his celebrations.

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