Readers: Things to do on Sundays without football

Thu, Feb 9

What stage are you in?

• "No, you're wrong! There will be pro football this Sunday!"

• "There better be football Sunday or somebody is gonna get hurt!"

• "Tell you what, I'll wash your car Commissioner Goodell this Sunday if you let me watch football first."

• "There's not gonna be any football on Sunday, is there? Why go on?"

• "OK, there's no football Sunday but life does go on. So what am I gonna do?"

There you go. After denial, anger, bargaining and depression, all that's left is acceptance. Once we've reached that final stage, however, the problem is finding something else to do on our Sunday afternoons (or even Sunday mornings on the Left Coast).

Yes, as many of pointed out, going to church is certainly an option but regular church goers are just that -- regular. We're talking about the rest.

That's why we're here -- to help out each other. You, the readers, have generated a list that should be posted on every refrigerator door. This is how you can get through the difficult months ahead. Read and clip:

Top 10 Things To Do On Sundays

10. "Time to find out what is being endorsed this year by any aging lawn-tractor driving athletic celebrities," said Mark F. of Adamstown, Md. (Who could he be thinking about? Betty White?)

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