Tony Stewart to appear on 'Last Man Standing'

Mon, Feb 13

In January, NASCAR champion Tony Stewart welcomed a break from practicing for the 2012 season to fly to Los Angeles to film Tuesday's episode of ABC's "Last Man Standing".

"It was a lot of fun and quite refreshing. I don't like to take myself too seriously," said Stewart, who played himself in the show starring Tim Allen about a marketing director for an outdoor sporting goods company. "Often, when you stay at the track, you start overthinking yourself. So it was good to head out there to take a break."

Stewart, 40, has spent the past 15 years focusing on racing and isn't thinking of giving up the sport, but he has been dabbling in life off the track. He had his own radio show, appeared in a Subway sandwich TV commercials, Burger King commercials and a music video for 3 Doors Down.

"If this show goes well, I might consider other opportunities in television, especially when it comes to comedy," said Stewart, who brought his championship Chevy to the taping. "I'm a race car driver now, not an actor, so the producers made it fun and painless."

And now Stewart is back in Florida to prepare for the start of the season.

"I don't think that anyone feels they've won enough," Stewart said. "Taking the break actually made me hungrier to go out there and do it again."