Orlando Dunkman responds to your commands

Tue, Feb 14
Dunkman Orlando Sentinel The Orlando Sentinel's Dunkman knows what to do when the name "Tebow" is involved.

They're so excited about the NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, they're dressing up in basketball-themed blue spandex and doing whatever you want them to do.

The Orlando Sentinel just launched an interactive feature that allows you to control the actions of a mascot nicknamed the Orlando Dunkman, a Siri-like figure who'll do everything from the Dougie to a Tom Brady pass to the Tebow pose. Type in "full-court shot" and he heaves a jumper across the court. Type in a "Star Wars" term and he uses Jedi force to make a basket.

"We took huge pieces of paper and we ripped off tens of feet of newsprint," says Todd Stewart, the head of the Sentinel's interactive team. "We had a big group of people write down everything they could think of."

Some searches we had fun with:

Superman: We meant the Soulja Boy dance, but Dunkman put on a cape a la Dwight Howard in the 2008 dunk contest ... touche, Dunkman.

Hedo Turkoglu: This prompts the Dunkman to brick a jumper. Sorry, Turk.

LeBron James: If you're from Miami it might not be so funny.

Genie: Makes the Dunkman disappear. Note: Similar to typing in LeBron if it's the fourth quarter.

Tim Tebow: Dunkman lives in Gator country, after all.

And there are plenty more. The Sentinel people say Dunkman will respond to more than 1,600 requests.

Unfortunately for the city of Orlando, there's one term he doesn't respond to, much like the other great dunker in Central Florida: "Sign an extension."