Just who the heck is this Jeremy Lin guy anyway?

Wed, Feb 15
Jeremy Lin fansJeyhoun Allebaugh/NBAE/Getty ImagesKnicks guard Jeremy Lin is inspiring millions of fans, so Page 2's curmudgeon delves into his story.

Editor's note: Art Garfamudis originally wrote for Page 2 in 2008 before he retired to dedicate himself to preparing his safe house for any number of civilization-threatening crises. The depletion of his potable water, dried food and ammunition has lured him out of retirement to again present his unique perspective on the sports world in a new column, Art for Art's Sake.

Nine questions about Jeremy Lin

In case you've been living under a rock that contains the sort of minerals that block Wi-Fi, Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks is blowing up -- and I mean that in the modern sense, not the World War II sense, which involves cordite and craters. In the course of a handful of games, he's become the biggest story in sports -- one so big that not even I can afford to ignore it without fear of a stern lambasting from my superiors. So, with that in mind, let's find out what the deal is with this guy.

1. Is being from Harvard a good or bad thing?

Here it is in simple language that even a non-Ivy Leaguer can understand: I don't trust Ivy Leaguers. Who was responsible for the mess this once-great nation is in right now? You got it: Ivy Leaguers. So, the fact that Jeremy Lin is one of them puts me on my guard right out of the gate with this guy. What's his agenda? All Ivy Leaguers have one -- it's why they went there in the first place.

But I'm gonna have to say that if he's got to be from Harvard, it's better to have him in the NBA than not, because it means there's one less Ivy Leaguer messing around on Wall Street or on Capitol Hill, putting our economy in the urinal all over again.

2. How many people saw this coming?

One. A fella named Stevie Mastricht. Everyone else had no idea, including college recruiters, pro scouts, general managers, coaches and fans. Mastricht figured it out though, but nobody would listen to him because he talks to himself and has no fixed address. Also because he's been struck by lightning four times.

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