Jeremy Lin's apartment comes with instructions

Wed, Feb 15
Jeremy Lin AP Photo/Jim MoneJeremy Lin can take a deep breath and rest easy: No more couches!

Jeremy Lin -- you might have heard of him. And big news: He's no longer homeless!

That's right. The New York Daily News reports that the Knicks' newest star is taking his Linsanity from Landry Fields' couch to a real-life apartment -- in White Plains' fancy Trump Tower, alongside some teammates and other NYC athletes.

The catch: it's reportedly a sublet -- you didn't think someone could actually get their own apartment in New York, did you? -- from former Knick David Lee. And you know what that means: Instructions, from sublessor to tenant.

Luckily, Page 2's highly connected network of sources got us a copy of those instructions. Sorry, Linstructions.

• Don't touch my DVR library. I'm going to re-watch all those "Good Wife" episodes.

• I lost the laundry key, so you'll have to borrow Toney Douglas'.

• Leave the air conditioner alone. You don't want to cool off.

• Drop in on Mike Bibby every once in a while and say hi. He needs the company.

• Mark Jackson gets to crash there whenever he wants. Or else he'll bench me.

• One of the bathroom light bulbs needs replacing. I had James Dolan over to change it, but he couldn't figure it out.

• There's this guy named Kramer who lives across the hall. Don't let him in.

• Rent is due on the 1st. Or it's free if you come back to the Warriors. Please come back to the Warriors.