Artist honors Jeremy Lin with 'Teen Wolf' song

Wed, Feb 22

When everyone was Tebowing, John Parr reworked "St. Elmo's Fire" as "Tim Tebow's Fire."

Now that the world has caught Linsanity, another 1980s movie tune has gotten the sports treatment from its original singer -- and it's a perfect fit, for obvious reasons.

The song? "Win in the End," Mark Safan's spirited number that plays over the climactic basketball scene in 1985's "Teen Wolf."

The revision? Well …

Lin in the end

The Knicks are winning again

Lin in the end

The Knicks are winning again

There's more than that, of course, to the lyrics written by Matthew Haggerty and brought to Safan -- a longtime New York transplant from Los Angeles -- by L-Town Productions, with whom the singer had worked in the past.

Funny thing, though: Although he still sings and records from time to time (including last year in Nashville), Safan now makes his living as a painter.

"It came back really quickly," Safan said of the song. "You kind of have to take me out of cold storage and warm me up, but once I'm warm, I'm good."

And now, with Dennis Michael Keefe on backup instruments, we have it: a Lin anthem, one Safan is happy to be a part of after he (and especially his 22-year-old daughter, Natassia) adopted the Knicks long ago.

"I love what's happening just because it completely came out of the woodwork," Safan said. "It's given this song a new life for the moment, and I hope it continues."

It just might. As long as the Knicks keep … well, you know.