Let's have fun with Boston Red Sox domain names

Wed, Feb 22

A merry prankster had some fun at the expense of the Red Sox recently by buying the domain name JetBluePark.com -- the team's new spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla., is named JetBlue Park -- and directing it to the Yankees' homepage.

It was a good joke, the kind of joke that we here at Page 2 wish we'd see more often. With that said, here's a list of available Red Sox-oriented domain names that at the time of posting were still available to be claimed. Go nuts, you rascals.

• JetBluePark.tumblr.com

• JetBluPark.com

• RedSox-Nation.com

• RedSoxGreenMonster.com

• AdrianGonzalez.biz

• BobbyValentine.xxx

• CrimsonSox.com

• CheHsuanLinsanity.com

• MikeAvil.es

• JacobEllsbury.com (You gotta figure half the Google searches for him miss the Y)

• BigPapiHeartsLittleDebbie.com

What other domain names are ripe for squatting? Post your ideas to the comments section.