Greg Oden's future doesn't include these careers

Fri, Feb 24

Greg Oden just had another microfracture surgery and is out for the rest of this season and probably all of next year, too. However, basketball isn't the only potential occupation on Greg's menu. He's always wanted to be a dentist -- although his giant hands and giant body have eliminated that possibility. With that being said, here are some other gigs that Greg can cross off his job bucket list.

Greg Oden
Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesWhen pondering careers, Greg Oden shouldn't think plumber.

Seamstress -- If he can't handle a tooth, the odds of him threading a needle are the same as the Lakers winning a Super Bowl.

Aerobics instructor -- He'd probably risk further injury just putting on the leg warmers.

Rodeo clown -- No way any seven-footer can squeeze into one of those barrels -- and the sad make-up would just remind everyone of how tragic Oden's career had been.

Plumber -- All that crouching and standing isn't good for the knees of a healthy 5-8, 155-pound guy, and it's unlikely Greg would be able to fit his head under a sink, anyway.

Watch repairman -- (See Seamstress)

Taxi driver -- Aside from the obvious physical constraints a cab offers, there's also all the times he'd be forced to see his subterranean forehead creases when he checked his rear-view mirror to merge.

Pharmacist -- No way he's getting exactly 50 Celebrex pills and some cotton in that tiny bottle. In fact, maybe that's why it takes him so long to heal -- he can't get his medication out of the container.