Seattle Seahawks' stadium houses wild light show

Mon, Feb 27

A lot takes place in football stadiums, but some innovative artists turned the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders' CenturyLink Field into a musical midnight light show, all set to dubstep (see video).

But this was no standard illumination. In fact, the show didn't happen at all like in the clip. Instead, as Clint Goldman of Bodega Studios (which created the film) told GeekWire, "The film is essentially like a classic animation, made up of thousands of still images [that were cut together later]."

The inspiration? It came from Bodega colleague and video creator Jimmy Diebold, who wanted to produce a "symphony of lights."

"He is also a rabid football fan," Goldman said. "So, when the lockout came, he put two and two together and wanted to make a film for the fans. The stadium is its own character in the narrative. Even if the people and the players are not present the stadium is alive, waiting for when its seats and gridiron are next inhabited."

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