Pirates' newest fan born at spring training venue

Thu, Mar 1

You've probably heard of the Fan Cost Index. A group called Team Marketing Report annually unveils a chart that tracks how much a family of four can expect to spend for a night out at a professional sporting event. With parking, concessions and souvenirs, it gets decidedly pricey before you even take the tickets into account.

Besides, the kids would probably rather stay home and play MLB 2K12, anyway.

So maybe in this New Economy, perhaps the affordable thing to do is not take your family to the ballpark -- but maybe you can START a family at a ballpark.

We mention this because Tuesday night in Bradenton, Fla., Latisha Kirk was at an open house event at McKechnie Field, the spring training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, when her little bundle of Cracker Jack decided that -- despite being five weeks early -- this was the time and place he wanted to be safe at home.

Fortunately, newborn McKechnie (yup, he's named after the stadium ... what if he'd been born at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville?) is doing fine.

Hopefully, this news won't someday prove as traumatic to adult McKenchnie as it was to animated star Hank Hill, in the "King of the Hill" episode "Yankee Hankie," when the proud Texan found out he wasn't born on Lone Star soil. He had in fact been born at Yankee Stadium -- in the ladies room.

So how about it, readers? If your parents ever were to drop the bombshell that you were born at a rival stadium, how would you handle it?