Marlins Park sculpture is ... quite a piece of work

Thu, Mar 8

We're still weeks away from the inaugural home opener at Marlins Park on April 4, but one of the stadium's signature features already is causing a colorful stir.

The stadium's outfield sculpture, designed by multimedia artist Red Grooms, is being met with two types of reactions: raised eyebrows -- and people wanting to gouge out their eyeballs.

Anytime a Marlins player hits a home run, the multicolored sculpture will illuminate, while pink flamingos flap their wings and marlins jump out of dancing waters over palm trees.

At an estimated price of $2 million, the mechanical "sculpto-pictorama" isn't going anywhere -- unless left-handed batters complain so much about it being a distraction that it's forced to be moved.

Regardless of your feelings about the statue, it's providing one important thing for the Marlins: a distraction from recent controversial remarks by team president David Samson.