Do you check sports scores in the bathroom?

Fri, Mar 9

Admit it, you're not about to let something like eating get in the way of checking a score or two. I've done this on numerous occasions.

My wife and I will be sitting in a restaurant, and suddenly I'll realize I don't know how the Phillies are doing. No problem, I'll just whip out the old iPhone, and while she's checking out the appetizers, I'm checking out my own set of app-etizers.

Personally I use the ESPN ScoreCenter app -- personalized so I can check my favorite teams' scores first.

AP Photo/Sergey PonomarevThe convenience of portable technology apparently has us wired to check scores nearly anywhere.

Cool. The Phils are winning and Doc Halladay is on the mound. Life is good.

That is until I look up from my phone, and I'm greeted by a look from my wife that would bend steel.

But I digress ...

So admit it ... you use social media to check scores, get updates and breaking news from the sports world, etc. during meals all the time.

You might also be one of the nearly 60 percent of avid sports fans who admit to using social media in the ... ahem, restroom.

The fact is that a whole lot of us are going to the john and doing more than flushing and washing our hands. We're apparently in the first stall, checking to see if Kobe Bryant is playing nice with Dwyane Wade ... and vice versa.

This finding comes from a survey by GMR Marketing which, in addition to the aforementioned findings, also revealed sports fans will use social media in all sorts of environments:

  • 86% at work
  • 74% at a party
  • 33% during a meeting at work
  • 25% at a movie
  • 22% at a concert
  • 9% at church

Where else do you use social media when it comes to the world of sports? Share your answers in the comments section.